Webcam models online

If you’re just starting out as a webcam model, don’t expect to earn several thousand euros in the first month. Although there are girls in the Camgirl Business who earn more than € 50,000 a month, these are mostly those who have been working as webcam models for years and have built up a large fan base.

On average, a camgirl can expect € 100 – € 500 per day if she is in front of the webcam for 3 to 5 hours. But be careful, as in real life there are good days and bad days. On some days you might only earn a few euros, on other days you may suddenly earn several hundred euros!

Finally, maybe an important tip from me. The camgirls who work the longest and don’t give up immediately after a few days make the most money. Back then, I only earned € 300 in my first month, but I was hardly in front of the webcam. But when I started to be in front of the webcam for at least three hours a day, I suddenly earned a lot more money. So stay motivated and be diligent, especially at the beginning.