Looking for a perverse, kinky fun? Of course you do. Why else would you be here? There’s nothing better than meeting a girl just to discover that she’s as much a fetish-loving, BDSM-crazed, animal woman as you are. You know that you get into some good shit when you go to her and see that she has a matching sex-swinging couple there. No more hiding your deep, dark Perversion from new dates. Take your chest of sex toys out of the closet with pride. I have a site that brings you together with fetish Freaks like you. No more boring sluts. It is time to embrace the darker side of sex.

Fetisch.de is a German-based fetish Dating site. Well, Dating could be used a little loosely here. It’s more about meeting hot girls and having crazy, perverse Sex, but I suppose you could develop a relationship from that. It’s free to sign up on the website, and they bring in a solid 800,000 views each month, so you don’t have to worry about never doing anything. There are many users here. And these perverse sides have been around forever. Since 1995. With such a Domain I am not surprised. They probably had to strike fast with that shit.

Unlimited messages, access to chat rooms and attend events for free!
Signing up is pretty easy. Provide an email, think up a nickname and fill out all the questionnaires. They ask what kind of experiences you are looking for, what gender you are interested in, what positions you prefer and a few other cheeky questions to help you get started. From there, it’s up to you how much or how little you want to fill out your profile. You can get along with the shit above, but you probably won’t have much luck. Answer all optional questionnaires, upload a sexy profile picture and start posting kinky stuff to your profile. You can’t attract people if you don’t make an effort.
While you can use some of the features of the website for free, the Premium subscription gives you access to a wider range of features of the website. You can write articles, write others back and forth, use the chat rooms and participate in the erotic Forum free of charge. I was actually surprised how much you can do here for free. Usually, Dating websites make you pay before you can even send messages to people.

Premium membership options are reasonably priced
There are two Premium subscriptions available. The smaller one costs about 5 euros and the VIP membership just under 8 euros. Not a bad Deal for a Dating site. Some websites are damned ridiculous with their membership fees. It is actually quite reasonable. With the lower Premium level, you get access to all photo/Video Posts on the website, higher contact limits, a larger selection of profiles to watch, and you can send “Spanks” that are basically sexy gifts.
With the Premium subscription of the top class you get everything from the lower levels, but doubled. Double the contacts, double the profile visitors, and you are basically put on the top list of visible people. Your name and profile will appear on the website page when you log in, and you will be given priority in the search results. The more people see you, the greater the Chance you’ll make a nasty connection!

But you’re probably wondering about all the cool features I mentioned above. Don’t worry, let me give you an Overview of how to use the website. First of all, the color scheme matches the fetish content you have. Dark black Background with purple headers and boxes. And the Layout is built up like a social media site, just as this type is. The header provides options for creating posts, searching for profiles, immersing yourself in a chat room, and a link to the Forum.

Search all kinds of kinky content published by other users, or share your own!
Creating posts is pretty easy here. You can link Videos, post articles in magazines, write your own text post or upload a sexy Video or picture in which you do some crazy things. On the search tab, you can search for all kinds of females and content. Domina, people who are looking for a Date, naughty Videos, photos and Events. If you’re not too shy, check out the events page and get involved in the community. Take part in a BDSM meeting or, hell, maybe get involved in an orgy or something. The possibilities are endless!
If you are not looking for a single chat, then go over to the chat rooms. They have themes for all sorts of shit. BDSM, fetish, Cybersex, role play or whatever you could wish for. And the Chats are super active. There are tons of people who post in each one of these all the time. All you have to do is get in and write. It’s less pressure than the normal PM’s, and it’s fun to send private nightly news and jerk off to the shit that these other horny people send. And if you connect with someone there, there’s a good way to move on to a single role play or a nude exchange. Whatever you feel like doing really.

The community area has a Forum where you can discuss everything about BDSM or the fetish community. But there are so many other possibilities to discover there. Take a look around or take part in a sexy photo contest where you can win Crazy prizes, browse BDSM magazine articles, see the top 100 users, or go to this cool section where you can filter users by their perversions. Looking for a joint Masturbation or a spitting game? Just click on this category and get a complete list of all users on the website who are into the same shit. It has never been so easy to meet people who share the same fetish.

Excellent mobile website
The mobile site is great. You can log in, edit your profile, post posts, use the chat rooms, go to the Forum and pretty much anything else you can do on the Desktop site. And the Design also works on the phone. The Newsfeed takes up most of the space on the screen, so you can view all the sexy posts that other users have made, but you can also use the handy side menus to navigate to all the other places on the Websrite pretty seamlessly.
The favorite features for ThePornDude
My favorite pastime at Fetisch.de is that there are so many fun options here. It’s not a crappy site where you can maybe make one or two messages before you have to pay. You can write other messages for free, use Chat rooms, write on the Forum and much more. It’s damn good. And as a Bonus, there are no Bots here. Usually when I sign up, I am full of fake messages from obviously fake profiles. Not here. I was quite pleasantly surprised by it.
I also think that the whole website Design and membership system work well. The website is incredibly easy to navigate and use. And the membership fees are very affordable for what you get. The fact that you can choose not to get a membership at all and still use the site is a big Plus.

ThePornDudes Proposals
The site is pretty good. I have no great suggestions for fetisch.de. I think that including some free previews of images or Videos would be a great incentive to get people to pay for the real business. Right now I don’t really know what kind of content to expect. It could be a news feed of ugly guys, as far as I know. A few previews of the Premium Videos or images would give me more confidence to pay for a monthly subscription. I understand that the site already gives a lot for free, but this little sample would be worth it to actually get paid.
ThePornDudes final thoughts
Total is fetisch.de a great site if you want to meet with other people in the fetish/BDSM community, cyber or just chat. You don’t have to be alone with your fetishes! There are millions of horny people who love the same shit as you. It only needs to use a site like this to filter through the masses of boring people. It’s a great website and you can use it for free. Check them definitely.

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