Men’s dating games can often be very confusing for women and no one is sure exactly just why that is. Whether it is that men and women are wired differently or that gender roles and culture have created this confusion; the fact is several women need help when it comes to making sense of the things that interest men. Here are a few of the most popular dating games men play that you can win if you follow the tips below.
The Chase is one of the most popular dating games of all time. Cliché as it might sound and stereotypical as it can be deemed; several men really do admit to wanting women more when they have to work harder for them. This is why a man who might seem attracted to you at first may suddenly seem even more attracted to you; if it seems you are not willing to give him the time of day. Retract yourself from him, so to speak, and learn to let a few of his calls pass by when you see his name on the caller ID. Do not always make yourself available whenever he calls you and asks if you want to hang out. This should make him more eager to see you later on. Most importantly, remember that a man could lose interest in playing this game. This could be due to a low level of interest in you or the thought that you may not be interested in him. So this game will not always lead to the results you are seeking.
Dating Games – The Liquor Liberation
The Liquor Liberation is a tried and tested method of making you drop your guard. If you enjoy wine or another type of alcoholic beverage during a date, it is all well and good. However, remember that for every drop of alcohol both of you drink, you actually experience a higher alcohol effect than he does. This is due to the differences between men’s and women’s bodies. For example, the average ratio is about 2: 1; two glasses of wine for a man being more or less equal in effect to one glass of wine for a woman. Either way, do not let yourself become too comfortable when it comes to monitoring the amount of alcohol you consume (if you choose to drink). In the worst case scenario, you do not want to give him the license to initiate something later that evening (due to intoxication or the influence of alcohol) that you might regret in the morning.
Dating Games – The Profile Proclamation
The Profile Proclamation in terms of men’s dating games, is practically a staple. Many men nowadays, particularly due to advice from other men and self-proclaimed «Casanovas;» often insert bits of their «official dating profile» into casual conversation when on a date. For instance, you can have a fleeting reference to their ex-girlfriends (and how «hot» they were, but how they were «completely wrong» for them), a remark about their job and how much it pays (probably a lot, if they even mentioned it), or even a note about that thrilling new car they have just bought. Does this information impress women? Quite often perhaps! The problem here is that you should never fall into the trap of developing your liking for someone on the amount of money he makes, the kind of car he drives, or how much other women want him. The question you must answer is, do you want him? This is not a light query. Always remember that you want someone with whom you can talk to about things good and bad. You also want someone who makes you feel good about yourself and who respects you enough to know that money and jewels are probably not women’s biggest desires in life.
When it comes to men’s dating games, the best people to approach for help can be—you might have guessed it—other men. If you have male friends and are experiencing specific problems with the man you are dating; you should consult with your male friends and ask for their opinions and advice. Provide this content to others for access to last sentence.