It can be difficult to find a dating website dedicated to just one place, as the Dating websites tend to be for everyone; usually they will allow their users to filter the search by their country/Region or whatever. Well, if you’re looking for a Dating site in English, you should poppen.de visit. As far as I have explored this place as well, it is worth the visit, and why I think is explained below.

The site itself is pretty straightforward, so I can’t say much about what the site has to offer. However, there are some Details that I would like to go through again, as I know you guys and ladies are here to find out what this place really has to offer, right? While they promise a lot of random shit on the front page, how much of this crap is actually true?

Well, for me to find out, I had to create an account, which was obvious, because how can you enjoy a Dating site without having your own “Persona”? Once you have created an account, you can customize your profile. What I really enjoyed is that I got an Option to log in with my existing social media accounts and every time I see this Option I use it…. registering for any fucking site out there can get pretty annoying.

As I said before, you have the ability to customize your profile, and these are just small Details, like your username, gender, Year of birth, whether you’re Single and so on. You should also specify who you are looking for and what you prefer; for example, whether you are looking for a One-Night Stand, Swinger parties, relationships, friends, Cybersex and so on.

Once you have entered this, you can also write something about yourself, and I suggest that you do so if you intend to be a regular on this website. It’s always nice to read something other people have written about themselves before you chat and all that kinky shit. This will help other people to know who the hell you are.

I mean, all of this should already be obvious to those who have visited at least one Dating website in the past. If you have never done this before, you must have lived under a rock. Although, I can understand it a little bit since the Dating websites are not as popular anymore, especially since you have much better phone Apps instead.

Again, those who want to visit this site often should upload their pictures and create a gallery, as no one wants to chat with people who have not uploaded pictures… I say such obvious nonsense that it makes me Laugh… but you never know who’s reading this. Maybe you’ve just learned something about this wonderful place called the Internet and you have no idea what to expect.

After uploading your image, you will be sent to the original page, and I must say that its Design is beautiful. The features are all pretty obvious and that’s something I can always appreciate. You have shit similar to what you would expect on Facebook; for example, you have a wall that everyone can see, and there you can post your Status that other members can comment on or like. Obviously they are able to do the same shit.

Each member will have their profile where they will choose what to display and you can browse some of their published images. Well, there aren’t that many nudes as not all of these people are looking for sexual partners, but you can find some very open-minded sluts who love to show everyone their beautiful bodies.

This site is free, and you can post a lot of shit and also chat with users for free, but it wouldn’t be a Dating site if there wasn’t an Option to update your account, am I right or am I not right? Well, VIP membership seems quite unnecessary to me, but they say that membership is free as long as you upload a picture of yourself and fill out your details…. I am quite confused as to how this will benefit you.

One thing this site offers, which I’m sure many websites out there don’t have, is for you to choose whether you’RE HIV positive or not… and that was pretty damn strange. Well, I’m not saying that this Option isn’t necessary, I’m just saying that I’ve never seen anything like it in my many years of browsing porn sites…

In addition to chatting, you can favor their profile, add them as friends and give them something. One feature I really like is that you can add a note here for each individual profile that can remind you why the hell you blocked the Person or whatnot. Well, when you’re done looking for people who would like to fuck, there are some options at the top of the page that might interest you.

For example, you can try out the new Updates, chat, list everyone in your community or take a look at their Shop. I was actually quite surprised to see that your Shop area works and you’re going to a site called shop.poppen.de brought where you have a lot of random shit to buy; from clothes to sex toys and everything in between.

I do not think I have anything else about poppen.de can say…. this is basically the same site as most good Dating websites out there, with a difference; all the people here are from Germany or at least speak the language. So if this has caught your attention, I suggest you adjust your profile and have some naughty fun chatting with random strangers.

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